Virgin Hair Bundle Deals are your best bet when looking for reasonable prices for virgin hair in realistic quantities. Beauty Lives Here offers bundle deals on all styles and textures to give our wonderful customers more hair for less money. We completely understand the hassle of trying to find legit virgin hair suppliers. So we offer elite quality hair extensions for a price that won’t break your bank account. Our team is working daily to reduce prices while keeping up with quality standards!

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With BLH our Virgin Hair Bundle Deals come in many different combinations which give you 20+ options to explore. When you choose to purchase one of our bundle deals we give you the option of getting 3 or 4  bundles with the addition of a Top Closure or Lace Frontal. Enjoy tons of volume with this full set which is equivalent to a wig in weight (360g-390g).

How do you know what bundles to pair with what closures and frontals? The best way to choose your bundles and frontal lengths is the pair them accordingly to how you want your hair to be styled. Typically most people like to stagger their bundles for a look that is layered. This helps to create a rounded, full-bodied look at the back of your head. In other cases people like to get the same lengths for all bundles for a look without layers. You can create a full look or bob style by having all strands end close to the same level.

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